Take us with you, Scotland!

One of the worst things about the Scottish referendum is an apparent lack of confidence amongst the Scots themselves.

It's as if many Scots doubt that they have enough well-educated, hardworking, and community-minded men and women to renegotiate with the EU, NATO and the failed banks and financial systems that ordinary citizens continue to pay for. But if they don't start to deal with those issue, who will?

Some people say UKIP will, but most of their candidates seem completely oblivious to the proposed TTIP which, EU or no EU, will put "Little England" firmly under the control of trans-national corporations: see http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/04/02/ttip-us-eu-trade-deal_n_50501... No point in protesting about fracking then!

However, help is at hand. I think these guys have the right idea:


Under this proposal, the border with Little England/Greater Westminster will be redrawn just south of the Hunters Bar roundabout on the outskirts of Sheffield. My opinion is that Nottingham should have a referendum on the matter, but the Sheffielders say that it's just going to be tough on them......

Angus Soutar

North Britain - redefining the Union

For anyone seriously interested in the concept, and the time to do some reading, see the series of web articles published at http://northbritainpermacultureinstitute.org/node/72

What about Wales?

I think the line should head south through the Welsh borderlands ..

Referndum for Wales, too!

That would endorse the prime position of Liverpool and Chester as a gateway between three major European regions - not forgetting Ireland here? (Don't worry, Mancunians, we still have the ship canal and the "City of Knowledge"!)

Three major European regions

which are?