Fracking, permaculture, and the Media

Permaculture hit the mainstream media recently, following the appearance of Bez (Happy Mondays) on the front line at the Barton Moss anti-fracking protest, and the police brutality and unlawful arrest of mother of four Vanda.

According to Bez, in an article in the Guardian (Mar 19th):

"The main reason I have decided to run as an independent MP for Salford and Eccles is because I've quietly been living a permaculture existence for the past three years.

I'm a beekeeper and take beehives into schools, along with juices and organic vegetables. I am trying to get permaculture on to the national curriculum to teach children how to take care of their own health, rather than relying on businesses to feed them."

According to this article on, Bez is not the only 'Madchester' star to come out of the permie closet. Ian Brown, the lead singer from the Stone Roses was interviewed by The Guardian several years ago, saying, "America won't accept that there is global warming. It's not good enough. We can't all perish because of their blindness. We need to ban all air freighted food. Carrots from Holland. Potatoes from Egypt. It's got to stop ... Permaculture, where you use the immediate environment to grow food - should be mandatory."

So what of fracking?

This, and the police brutality that goes hand in hand with it, is a big issue, and is going on in our own back yard. So what do we do about it as permies? Do we as individuals join in the activist struggle on the front line, or perhaps there is something that we can do collectively as the Permaculture Network? How do we, to quote Mollison, turn a problem into a solution? I'm open to suggestions ..

One solution that springs to mind is Ecotricity, who just released their own anti-fracking video, and made a pledge to provide frack free gas. The video informs us that a third of British Households are already supporting fracking without knowing it, by purchasing from British Gas, who are major investors in fracking. 

Its also worth bearing in mind that Ecotricity invest far more of their profits into green energy than any other provider, have just extended their existing price freeze to October this year making them cheaper than the Big Six, and that their customer service is legendary! 

So if you don't like fracking, then vote with your pocket if you like green energy, and vote for Bez if you like progressive polititians!