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Full permaculture design course at Chorley

The Northern School of Permaculture  will run a full permaculture design coure in Chorley from 9th August 2014. The course covers the full international syllabus over 12 Saturdays, roughly one per month (to be confirmed with the participants). We will again be at "The Nest" which a town centre venue that is convenient for public transport (good rail links to Manchester stations) and with its own free parking spaces.

The course is open to all, no previous experience (or courses) are required. It will be useful to those wishing to apply permaculture in urban and sub-urban settings. In addition, the tutors and the expected participants should prove to be a useful resource for people who wish to apply permaculture design within their business or career, and also those involved in community-based projects of all kinds. The course will be led by Angus Soutar with support from visiting teachers. Angus has experience of permaculture design in commercial situations, and he is keen to share the lessons from this during the course. Read more »

Medicinal Mushroom Workshop

This full day event will explore many aspects of the fascinating world of fungi, techniques for growing them, and their medicinal applications. The first half of the day will be largely focussed on outdoor log culture of medicinal species and will include plenty of theory as well as hands-on preparation of both Reishi and Turkey Tail logs.

The afternoon session will focus best methods for harvest, drying and subsequent preparation of medicinal mushroom species to maximise their potential. The main techniques covered will be the preparation of teas, decoctions and ethanolic extracts. The medicinal uses of the main medicinal species of fungi will be included. Read more »

Introduction to Bee Keeping course

PLEASE NOTE the 2nd date for this course should read Sun 27th July

Read more »

Blackfriars Forest Garden community work days at Biospheric Foundation

Volunteer Adam working hard in the FG

We are holding regular work days at Blackfriars Forest Garden, on the last Friday of each month, up until November 28th.

For more information about what happens during these days, please check out my blog on the Biospheric Foundation's website.

We’d love it if you could come along ..

What to bring
If you can make it, please come properly prepared for outdoor weather and work. Wear Wellington boots or stout shoes if possible, old clothes, and waterproofs if you have them. Also bring work gloves if you think you will need them. Read more »

Take us with you, Scotland!

One of the worst things about the Scottish referendum is an apparent lack of confidence amongst the Scots themselves.

It's as if many Scots doubt that they have enough well-educated, hardworking, and community-minded men and women to renegotiate with the EU, NATO and the failed banks and financial systems that ordinary citizens continue to pay for. But if they don't start to deal with those issue, who will? Read more »

Permaculture Design Course at Wigan Eco-centre (Week 1 of 2))

The Northern School will run a  full Permaculture Design (certificated) course in two blocks of one week each in Wigan in summer 2014.

Part one runs from 30th June to 4th July. Part two follows after a few months: from the 8th to 12th September.  The course is also available on a modular basis (the days are integrated with our other courses in the region, so you can "mix 'n' match" the days you attend).

The venue is at jack's House - a new eco-building of strawbale construction at the Worsley Hall allotments in Wigan, home of the Wigan Allotment network. Read more »

Inclusive Campaign Groups: Stronger Campaigns


Can you think of a time when you were part of a group but you 'didn't  quite fit' or found it hard to join in conversations or activities? Do  you feel like it is always the same people doing most of the work in  your group? Have you been in a group where people come a few times then drop out and nobody knows why?

Most of us have experienced these situations at some point in our  lives, it's quite normal, but it doesn't have to be this way! We are  more than capable of becoming aware of how groups operate and making  changes so they are more inclusive. In an inclusive group everybody should feel welcome, valued and able to participate and shape the group. Read more »

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